Starting an Arsenal blog is no easy task, and with mine finally starting to see a little bit of traffic and success, I’d like to extend my thanks and appreciation to the folks out there in the Gooner blogosphere who’ve taken the time to help and give me advice;

Anyone else who has taken the time to comment, read or add me to their blogroll that I’ve forgotten; I apologise if I missed you and thank you just the same.



6 responses to “Thanks

  1. Da Verminator

    Why you thank Le Grove?

    They are a shit blog who always do nothing but moan and abisue people.

    you should take that thanks off

    • I thanked them because they offered some helpful advice about getting started and I like thier blog.

      Their opinion may not reflect my own at times, but it’s a valid opinion nonetheless and I respect them for that. There are thousands of blogs that pander to the masses and Le Grove is popular because it’s honest.

  2. Da Verminator

    I went on there and posted my opinion and got slaughtered by the majority of the people who go on it.

    I wasn’r rude or swearing, i just had an opinion. the line on the header say ‘for fans to have opinion not get one’ which is bullshit.

    it’s aterrible site.

  3. Oi!

    Let’s not get the Mad Hatters labelled as a Gooner blog, shall we?

    Thanks for the thanks, by the way.

  4. You are very welcome and hope things go well.

    Another tip,always discourage naming other sites if one can help it in your headline post or by your bloggers.

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