If you’re reading this then you have taken at least a few minutes to look around ‘The Armchair Gooner’ and will perhaps return at some point in the future for more. For that alone, I thank you.

In the interest of keeping this a safe environment for the humble football fan – all are welcome – to discuss topics and share opinions, I devised a simple set of rules:

  1. You can swear all you want in the heat of debate, but abuse directed at other people, especially me, will not be tolerated.
  2. Fans from other clubs are more than welcome to pop by, but fans with a grudge against Arsenal whose sole purpose is to flame this site to kingdom-come with vitriolic remarks will not be barred at first – I will take great pleasure in changing the content of your comments to something more suitable.
  3. Consider this an atheists haven, so no extremists preaching please. The only god I believe in is Dennis Bergkamp.
  4. Please don’t offer me random links to sites about Cheese or whatever extraneous topic you may be peddling. Inquires from other football blogs are more than welcome.
  5. Please post in English. Unfortunately, I’m not multi-lingual and will have to unapprove any such comments. I fucking hate text-talk and will only tolerate people using abbreviations such as ‘Lolz’ or ‘OMG’ in small measure. Mis-spelling is fine as, let’s be honest, I do enough of that myself.

Those are the basics. If you become a regular and follow them, we’ll get on just fine.


One response to “Rules


    I’ve just read your blog for the first time, after following a link from my usual daily dose of Le Grove. As you might expect, I am a fan of Pedro who writes v.well – in my humble opinion.
    You’ve won a new reader, me! I especially like your Rules, Raul.
    Keep it going. Much respect. DOUG PEACOCK Tiptree, Essex.

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